Berries and Cream TikTok trend online

Berries and Cream TikTok

Berries and Cream TikTok trend online in ,

TikTok is a platform that follows trends and challenges. They are really interesting and fun. In fact they are fun for both the people who make them and those who watch them. TikTok is a huge platform with billions of active followers; therefore, if you follow a trend, you are very likely to gain TikTok followers and views that can help you grow your channel.

‘Berries and Cream’ is a new trend that has taken off on TikTok and has become really famous. Many people have been making videos on it, getting many followers.

‘Berries and Cream’ Trend on TikTok‘Berries and Cream’ Trend on TikTok

Berries and cream was a Starburst advertisement released in 2007. But only this year it becomes popular due to TikTok. The trend kicked of a little slow but it picked up pace and the trend #berriesandcream has gotten more than 500 million views on TikTok till now.

The TikTok trend started with berries and cream being just a little dance routine. Then the pattern changed. When people started combining popular songs and well-known audio clips with the “berries and cream” tune, and other people started sharing videos with the additional audio they’d discovered, “berries and cream” truly took off. Some TikTok users have dedicated their accounts to making new “berries and cream” remixes. Other remixers rated the “berries and cream” remixes and became viral.

As of now thousands of people have created videos on the berries and cream trend and gained millions of views and even millions of followers in certain cases. Even the creators of the ad joked that the song was actually made for Tiktok however it was released on YouTube because obviously, TikTok wasn’t launched back then. The original video on YouTube since the trend has gotten thousands of likes

Trends on TikTokTrends on TikTok

Generally, the process through which trends become famous is that they require shares to go viral. Many trends go famous on TikTok all the time. They are the specialty of TikTok and are the main reason many people attain so many followers and start earning from the platform. The trends are also really fun and are a good way to pass time. They are pretty harmless as well, but certain trends go against the law and can be harmful.

In short, berries and cream are a great TikTok trend that brings nostalgia, especially to those who have grown up watching the ad. People have been making a lot of videos on it and have really grown on Tiktok. These trends are very easy to follow; therefore, growing on TikTok is not that difficult, but you have to be smart and execute the video smartly if you want to make yourself go viral on the platform.

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