Tiktok can ban your device

Can Tiktok Ban Your Device

Tiktok can ban your device in ,

The TikTok platform has been gaining importance in recent years as it keeps growing. TikTok has set strict guidelines that need to be followed, and if not obeyed, it can lead to temporary banning of accounts. Can TikTok ban your device? How and when is it banned? Let’s find out.

The simple answer is yes, but TikTok can only ban your account if your content goes against the set guidelines. If you follow the guidelines of TikTok, you can increase followers and get more video views.

Categories Leading to a Permanent TikTok Account Bantiktok account banned permanently

Here are the primary content categories resulting in a permanent account ban on TikTok.

  1. Selling weapons, drugs, or illegal things on TikTok
  2. Posting content related to criminal or unlawful activities
  3. Posting content that is violent or graphical
  4. Posting explicit or pornographic content
  5. Posting about false marketing techniques, frauds, etc.
  6. Using racial slurs or hate speech
  7. Content that regulates minor protection policies and cyber-bullying
  8. Posting content that promotes suicide or self-harm

Most of the TikTok rules and regulations are linked with keeping users away from dangerous activities that promote any type of hateful behavior, violence, extremism, and illegal activities. If users do not abide by these rules, TikTok can temporarily ban their accounts.

Types of TikTok BansContent violation

Four different ways exist in which TikTok may ban your content or account. Here are the types of bans in TikTok.

1. Ban from Commenting and Live Streaming

If you’ve given an offensive comment or said something that you shouldn’t have in a prior Livestream, TikTok may restrict the account. The good thing is that these restrictions won’t last too long. You may not be able to live stream or comment for around 24 to 48 hours.

2. Shadow-Banning

Shadow-banning is amongst the most usual ways to ban the exposure of an account on the platform. In this way, the disclosure of the content is restricted. This ban is possible if a user spams TikTok with multiple posts. You can see your account’s analytics section and see the sources. If you see a restriction on the “For You” section, your account may have faced a shadow ban. This usually lasts for only 14 days.

3. Permanent Ban

The harshest bant you can face on TikTok is the permanent ban that suspends your TikTok account forever. This is when you’ve violated the platform’s guidelines multiple times and are reported several times by others. If you have this ban, you will get the prompt saying your account is blocked permanently whenever you go to your profile.

4. Temporary Ban

If you violate the platform’s policies, your account can be temporarily banned from TikTok. To see if your account is banned, open your app and go to your profile. Your followers will be replaced with a “-” sign. You will also see a notice saying your account has been suspended.


After reading the article, we are sure that you know how the ban in TikTok works. Since you now know that TikTok can ban your account, you should be careful not to violate the policies if you don’t want to get banned.

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