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Can TikTok Listen to You?

is tiktok listening in ,

The use of social media has increased drastically within the past decade. This has made people more aware of the technology as well. People know how many social media platforms are constantly stealing their data. Many known social media apps are involved continuously in disrupting people’s privacy.

One of the emerging apps with this very concern is TikTok. The majority of TikTok users are aged between 16 to 24, and these kids are earning a lot by becoming creators. Now, TikTok’s algorithm is similar to that of Facebook and Instagram in one way. They all make money through advertising, which requires collecting a lot of users’ data.

TikTok has come under fire by jurisdiction many times. The Chinese company has been under restrictions and banned by many countries.

TikTok and The DataCan tiktok leak your data

As it’s clear now that TikTok does listen to you, now the question arises why and what does it do with your data?

TikTok collects all your data to present personalized ads and content on your feed. There’s a reason why the content of every person is different. TikTok’s algorithm learns from the videos you like, share, and create. It stores even those videos that you make but never uploads. In one way, it allows one to increase likes or get thousands of followers by presenting the right content with the right kind of advertisement.

In some countries, TikTok can listen to you through your phone’s microphone, collect data from your clipboard, and when linked to any other social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. It can get access to the posts you like, through which it knows which kind of advertisements would interest you and what type of content you would prefer.

However, with all these privacy issues, your data is safe. You don’t have any threat because they use your data to show personalized advertisements and improve your user experience by showing what you like the most. So, keep using this entertaining application and entertain the audience to get more fan following.

Frequently Asked Question:

Does TikTok use my camera?

TikTok uses your camera to record videos, and it’s how it works. But it has not given any statement regarding whether it uses the camera to record any kind of data other than those videos. It is clear that it saves your un-uploaded videos, but other than that, there is no clear statement.

Does TikTok listen to my phone calls?

No evidence supports this, but TikTok does have access to your microphone and can record your voice.

Is there a way to retrieve our data and delete it from TikTok?

Unfortunately, there is no way for one to delete their data from the TikTok database. Still, you can stop TikTok from further accessing your data from your app’s settings or by removing this application from your mobile. However, TikTok is a safe application and uses your data to provide a better user experience.

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