Can tiktok track you

Can TikTok Track Your Location?

Can tiktok track you in ,

Privacy is the primary and biggest issue when installing or downloading any app. There are a lot of social media apps that facilitate the user with an excellent privacy policy and secure their data. Sharing personal data may become a threat for us; therefore, people remain concerned about it. Like all other apps, TikTok also collects the personal information of the user but does that data remain secure? Let’s talk about whether data remains safe on TikTok and can TikTok track your location?

Tiktok has been the most famous lyric and short videos app since 2016, with more than one billion users. This count is double that of any other social media app like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It allows the users to earn money through their talent and has many features such as editing effects, multiple interesting sounds, and sharing options to get thousands of followers. Users also go viral with buying TikTok shares and get a lot of TikTok views. However, it looks fancy to have short musical and dance videos on Tiktok.

Can TikTok Track Your Location? tiktok tracking you

The simple answer to this question is yes. It is the reality that from the very first day when you sign in to this app, it collects personal information like your name, user IP address, search history, cookies, the device you are using for TikTok, and location from where you login at that time except the user’s address.

It can also track your GPS if you allow it. Tiktok does so to provide location-based service, including the content of people near to you and advertisements.

Morgan Wright, the chief security advisor at Sentinel One company, says that this data is precious for Tiktok.” when someone watches a video until the end and likes it. Tiktok can serve them with tailored ads based on the results on that location.

Can I Stop From Tracking My Location?Stop location in tiktok

  • Although it favors the user a lot in finding the traffic near their region by using traceroute local server. But if you want to stop this, you can do it quickly by turning it off in settings.
  • You can ask TikTok to delete your location-tracking information. Moreover, the server can’t locate your location if you use a private account.
  • You can use a high-quality VPN to hide your location from stalkers and change your location with another IP address location.
  • It is a reality that no app is allowed to share personal information with any third party, but it is recommended not to share your contact and address on TikTok. It is better to hide your account from strangers.
  • Switch off the GPS location information from your account’s settings, and don’t post any video or picture that contains your location information.
  • Turn off the personalized ads from the privacy section of your settings.


TikTok is a very famous app worldwide, and it is true that legally no one is allowed to share users’ data. However, if you want to protect your account, it is recommended to turn your account from public to private and avoid linking your account with any other social media app. Never share your data or use any different IP address for safety.

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