Microsoft buy TikTok

Did Microsoft Buy TikTok

Microsoft buy TikTok in ,

TikTok emerges as one of the most popular social media platforms people use to create and share short videos with their friends and families. Bloggers don’t just use this platform, and it is also used by businesses to promote their products. As competitive as the platform gets, you need to get followers if you want to spread your message to your audience. 

What’s the reality behind the news that Microsoft has bought TikTok? Why is Microsoft showing so much interest in TikTok? Here is everything you need to know. 

Who Originally Owns TikTok?tiktok owner company

ByteDance, the Chinese firm, had made a social media platform called Douyin, focused on creating short videos. This was made for the Chinese market in 2016, and its international version was called TikTok, released in 2017. This had started to gain popularity in the upcoming years and then had merged with, another Chinese social media. TikTok has emerged as one of the top fasting growing brands in 2020. 

Why is Microsoft so Interested in Buying TikTok?

microsoft buy tiktok

As popular as it gets, and with its growing speed, TikTok can ultimately be the way for Microsoft to reenter the consumer tech game. With TikTok by its side, Microsoft will be able to establish its position as a real player in the consumer tech game after its long history of witnessing failure. Nevertheless, the most important reason for Microsoft’s interest in TikTok is to get a method to engage and connect with the youth.

What Will Happen if Microsoft buys TikTok?microsoft tiktok

The acquisition of TikTok by Microsoft would mean that Microsoft will get access to TikTok’s user data. This could impact the way other services and products are developed within the company. 

Did Microsoft Buy TikTok?

The statement has been proven false because the parent of TikTok, ByteDance, which is Beijing-based, had declined Walmart and Microsoft’s offer to buy TikTok for an estimate of $20 to $30 billion.

Why Did Microsoft Fail to Get The TikTok Deal?microsoft failed to get tiktok

Because of some national security concerns, Trump had administered an order last month that required TikTok being the major concern of the US-China tensions, to either be sold to any US buyer or shut down. ByteDance, the parent app of TikTok had shown later that they wouldn’t be selling the US operations of TikTok to Microsoft. 


It still remains unclear what has happened to the US TikTok because Microsoft has been unsuccessful in trying to buy the app. The most likely candidate seems to be Oracle because it offers much more cloud services providers than the parent company. Since everything has yet been uncertain, we cannot say for sure what you should expect, but so far, TikTok has not been bought by Microsoft. But by looking at the way things are progressing, we can expect certain turns or twists in the story as the next few days go by.

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