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Does TikTok Tell You Who Viewed Your Profile?

Who viewed your tiktok profile in ,

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It has captured the attention of people of all ages. Whether it’s a teen, an adult, or a senior citizen, everyone can find a source of entertainment. One of the most attractive features of TikTok is that a creator can earn thousands of likes on their videos. A creator on TikTok can become a celebrity depending on the number of followers and likes on their videos.  

With time, it has added many features and removed some. TikTok is known for its continuously improving video and editing features. It has introduced many options to customize profile appearance, security, and privacy settings. The article is concerned about whether TikTok informs you who views your profile?

How to Check Who Viewed Your Profile/Video?How to Check Who Viewed Your Profile

The old version of TikTok does inform who viewed your profile. If you want to see who viewed your profile and is using the older version of TikTok, you are in luck. All you need to do is follow these simple steps below,

  • Open TikTok application
  • Select the Notifications Bar
  • Search for “Viewed Your Profile”
  • Click the option

There you can see all the persons who viewed your profile. If one wants to check the profile of the person who viewed theirs, all they need to do is click on their profile picture icon, and they’ll be directed to that person’s profile.

What’s in the New Version of TikToktiktok view profile update

The updated version of TikTok doesn’t allow the user to see who is viewing their profile. Due to privacy issues, this change has been observed on many social media platforms. Not showing which person is visiting whose profile concerns the privacy issues raised on many platforms. How many and who saw one’s profile allowed one to grow the number of their followers personally. 

There is no clear indication whether Tik Tok will ever bring back the feature which allowed people to see who viewed their profile. However, TikTok has added a feature for the TikTok Pro accounts. This feature provides analytics information, not showing who watched your profile but how many people watched it. 

It provides information on which video reached more audience so that one can make more content like that and get shares to go viral. Unfortunately, the TikTok pro accounts can also provide the user with only limited information. It gives only the understanding of what kind of content reaches a larger audience. There is no way to know precisely who viewed your profile. 

With this feature, TikTok also keeps its users away from finding out about their stalkers. 

One can know who was on their profile only by checking who liked their videos or commented on them. The good old days of getting to know who interacted with you in just a click are gone. Knowing who viewed your profile somehow made it easier to gain more followers as the creators could just dm the person and persuade them. However, if you cannot find who visited your profile, staying in contact with your audience helps you to increase your fanbase.

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