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How Do I Choose a TikTok Cover?

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Every social media app, whether for photos or videos, allows the user to set photo covers to make their creativity more visible to the people to get more clicks and TikTok video views. When we talk about TikTok, everyone knows that your appearance should be impressive on this app to get maximum views.

TikTok is a fun-loving app that allows users to make short videos for fun and earn money. The cover makes it easy for the content creator to make content visible and explain them conveniently to everyone. It is the best way to get TikTok followers. Although it is amazing to use a cover and change it, many people are still unaware of its use. This blog will help you to know how to choose a TikTok cover.

Indeed, viewers won’t see your thumbnails or cover on For You page, but after watching your video, when they come across your profile, the cover gives an awe-inspiring look to your content. It encourages people to go through your past videos and, in this way, enhances your view rate and likes. Also, it improves content quality and overall perception of your content; for this, you will need to plan a TikTok and then add it to your video.

How to Set TikTok Cover?Tiktok Cover

As most people are unaware of the benefits of thumbnails and they forget how to add a cover, here I have an easy guide that will help you to choose the best TikTok cover.

  • First, make a TikTok video by pressing the + button present in the center of your page.
  • You can also upload the video from your gallery by tapping the upload option present on the right side.
  • After recording the video and finishing the editing, click on next to move towards the title and cover by tapping the option of adding a caption, links, hashtags, and TikTok thumbnail cover.
  • Now click on the video presentation on the top right corner to select the cover, and it will allow you to add a cover image by sliding the bar over the video.
  • Save it, and after making the required editing, you can post your video.

Tips to Get a Perfect TikTok CoverTikTok Cover Photo

  • The selection of the thumbnail depends upon your content. Content-related thumbnails enhance the beauty of the content and make it more attractive.
  • Bloggers should have text with a date stamp, as your feed will look like a video diary after this.
  • Choose beauty shots and close-ups if you want to upload any recipe video; it will help viewers get videos quickly.
  • For random videos, add a clear title and text so that people may get through the theme you want to show.
  • For a personal touch, you can add your face to your content
  • For an aesthetic look, you can choose a cover with aesthetic colors and a theme

You can easily select a TikTok cover; for this, you must have an idea of which cover will suit your content as it is necessary to grab the viewers’ attention to get more likes, followers, and shares.

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