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How Do You Get Shadow Banned on TikTok?

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The content creatures in TikTok become famous when they get thousands of followers and increase likes on their accounts. Some of the users buy TikTok comments also for gaining fame overnight. Sometimes these content creators meet the sudden decrease in their account engagement.

This article will help these users who are the habituated users of TikTok, and suddenly they get shadowbanned. It makes the users depressive as their posts face a suddenly their videos didn’t get high views. In this case, the user’s account’s algorithm becomes blocked, leading to the downfall of viewers and followers of that account.

What is Shadowbanned?Shadow bann

Shadowbanning is a hot topic nowadays, as it is associated with famous social media platforms. The term shadowbanned in terms of social media accounts can be explained when users’ accounts appear to function normally, but their post is not displayed and hidden from the other viewers. After this, the users stop receiving likes, views, and traffic on their accounts.

Shadowbanned on TikTok?

TikTok shadow banned occurs when your activities have been removed or hidden from the “For You” page of TikTok. This is the page on TikTok where users land with their videos. When they get shadowbanned, it suddenly reduces the account engagement, and they don’t know what is happening to their account.

In severe cases, TikTok removes the account of those people who are sending inappropriate messages and posting content on the platform. The shadowban takes place for a day, week, or longer, depending upon the situation.

Reasons Behind Shadow Banningreasons behind shadow bann

Different reasons make your activities hidden from the people. If your posted content on this platform receives a negative response, TikTok will not want it. Following are the reasons for banning.

1. Misbehavior

If the TikTok users misbehave regarding sending messages or posting content, then the user will be shadowban by TikTok.

2. Spam Activities

This will include when users get many followers and other account engagement in a short period, then TikTok considers it as spammer or robot.

3. Taboo Content

You must be very cautious while posting the content on this platform. If you post any of the following forms of content, then you get permanent or temporarily banned

  • Drug
  • Spreading Violence
  • Bogus news
  • Porn videos
  • Speech that spreads conflicts and discrimination
  • Posting of copyright videos

4. Violation of the Policies

Every app or social media platforms have some policies for their proper functioning. Similarly, users, who violate the TikTok policies, their accounts become non-functional on this platform. If you violate the TikTok rules many times, you will get a permanent ban.


Shadowban is necessary for maintaining a healthy environment on social media. TikTok gives punishment to its users in the form of a ban. Users don’t know when it happens until they experience the drastic downfall in the views and likes on their accounts. So one should be careful while posting content to avoid shadow banning.

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