How tiktok rewriting the world

How is TikTok Rewriting the World?

How tiktok rewriting the world in ,

No one can deny that TikTok is changing the way social media works and our lives. It has been the most downloaded app since 2020 when covid 19 spread all around, and people stayed at home for a long time. Although there are many controversies about using this app in various countries, it is one of the most used short video apps worldwide. It got banned in many countries, but still, people love to use it, and it has billions of users and viewers. It cannot be wrong if we say that TikTok is rewriting the world. It is changing our life, and it is not wrong to say that our coming generation is growing under the influence of this app.

Social media is the most significant source of information sharing and entertainment. YouTube and Instagram were the most popular apps before the introduction of TikTok. First, people enjoy different things on Instagram, but now a larger audience is drawn toward TikTok.It was introduced in 2016 and has become popular since 2018. If we look at previous years,  its popularity increased in 2020.

The Way TikTok is Rewriting the WorldThe Way TikTok is Rewriting the World

When it was introduced, people were unaware of its unique features. As it was new, most people downloaded it just for fun, and now about every person wants to get famous on TikTok by getting hundreds of likes. This app comes with many interesting editing features and creator tools that facilitate the user with a great look and fun. It is the sum of all social apps as It provides filters like Snapchat and allows the users to make creative content for their friends and fans. Now you can see videos with amusing effects and sounds.

Baron Ryan says that TikTok kills the punchline if we see comedy. Life comes in different ways on TikTok, as you can enjoy short funny videos, dance and singing videos, food recipes, DIY crafts, and many other things. It facilitates the viewers with a lot of high-quality stuff within 15 seconds. It has changed people’s thinking patterns and motivated them to show maximum creativity in the shortest time.

It has been proved the best place for free musicians. Now everyone can show their talent and promote their content because of a larger audience and get thousands of fans and followers. Most of the audio memes are created by famous musicians. It has made all the people the best content creators because this platform provides them opportunities to show their hidden talent. They can make and edit their videos. Now people can laugh without any reason and can get joy. It has played a very important role in overcoming the stress and depression that people start feeling during pandemic years.


It is said that TikTok is rewriting the world. It allows people to do something for themselves. It enables them to earn money via their talent. Now ordinary people can become content creators and live a celebrity’s life. It has developed a new age of collaborative art and entertainment.

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