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How to Beat TikTok Algorithm?

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TikTok is the seventh most widely used app in the world. This app is popular among youngsters who make creative and entertaining videos on this platform. Creators get viral overnight, and they get thousands of followers and unlimited likes.

Most of us want to get viral in a boom which is impossible organically. Still, it is possible if you buy comments and likes from a well-reputed social media marketing company.

What mechanism is involved in the process of getting viral? Every app has an algorithm that evaluates the users’ content. If you understand how this app’s algorithm works, you can outperform on this platform. You can modify your video in such a way, so you receive maximum output.

TikTok Algorithm

It can be understood as the recommendation system of TikTok. It specifies what goes into the For You page and becomes viral. As we know, FYP is varied from person to person’s interest. So TikTok algorithm learns your interest and habits and which content will match your interest? The TikTok algorithm considers the following points for the FYP page of the users:

  • Which Type of video do you mostly see?
  • Which type of account do you mainly follow?
  • Duration of your watching videos
  • Description and content of videos
  • It also considers the device and accounts from where you operate your account.

Content Evaluation By the Algorithmcontent evaluation by tiktok

There is a specific mechanism by which the algorithm evaluates your video content. The algorithm looks after some aspects for this purpose, such as likes, comments, views, and some metrics. Here are some key elements

  • Number of views
  • Complete video views
  • Use of hashtags and keywords

How to Beat the TikTok Algorithm?

There are a few strategies that can help you to achieve your purpose of beating the TikTok algorithm.

Length of Videos

The shorter your video leads to increase chances that users watch it till the end. So make your videos short to get a high completion rate. It is recommended that the video be 10-15 seconds to get complete views.

Trending Hashtag

Use such hashtags and keywords that are easy to remember, write and search. This is the best way of finding the videos on this platform and helps understand the video content.

Sounds Effects in Videos

You can also go for some trending music and save it for your videos. TikTok provides its creators with trending music to make their videos according to viewers’ demands.

Use Attractive CaptionsUse attractive hash tags

Write attractive and compelling captions to attract users to your videos, so they want to watch them at any cost. TikTok provides a limit of 300 characters in the caption, which is enough for making it eye-catching.

Avoid Deleting the Previous Videos

Sometimes old videos determine your account authenticity and value, so don’t delete them. Try to leave your videos online all the time so that every new TikTok users see them and like them.

Follow One NicheNiche Markets

Focus on a single niche in which you are good so that the algorithm and other users know your area of expertise. This strategy will make you recognizable and increase your exposure across the platform.

Suitable Time of Posting

Post your video at the right time so that maximum viewers can see it. To get the maximum audience, you have to go to the TikTok setting and then into the account analytics. Here you will find the complete information of your audience and followers.


Every app is functional on its designed algorithm. If the users follow the above key ideas, it is easy to beat the TikTok algorithm. The users should know how the TikTok algorithm works. In this way, users can tailor their videos and post them to become viral.

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