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How To Do Green Screen Video On TikTok?

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Tiktok is one of the most illustrious social media apps that allow the user to make every genre video, including funny, musical, short film dancing, dancing, and informative videos. It has both positive and negative effects on the health of our younger minds. If we look at the positive side, then it is the biggest source of overcoming depression. It expedites the users with a lot of features to add a bit more thrill. One of the trendiest features of TikTok tin these days is the green screen video effect. Many users are still unaware and don’t know what the green effect is and how to do a green screen video on Tiktok?  

Green Screen Effect

Green sceen effects

It is one of the most amazing effects of Tiktok that allows the user to superimpose their camera roll video or photo on the customized background of the TikTok. You can create a funny video according to your own choice on your favorite background. You can add solid color or any colorful background. It adds more spice in the creation of videos and allows the user to use more potential options for making their short video more visual on the “for you” of TikTok. The user can add more objects or short videos in the background by adding more effects as this option unlocks different features and makes the video more interesting. It is the best way to get more TikTok likes, and shares on your video.

For our readers, who don’t know how to use this effect and make green screen videos, we have come with an easy process to make access easy for them. 

How To Do A Green Screen Video On TikTok?


The TikTok screen effect automatically removes the background of the images and video, and then you can put another video or image behind this. For this:

First of all, open the TikTok account, click on the + button to open video creation.

  • On the left of the record button, you will see the option of green effect, click on it, and a new option will reveal in front of you.

Step to do Green Screen Effect

  • There you will get a lot of green effects from the menu, use your required option
  • If you want to make the video by using images then tap on the gallery option and choose the image, that you want to set in your video background.
  • To record multiple portions with multiple photos, tap the recording option with the first photo, then stop and add another photo and then tap the recording option, and so on.

Step to do Green Screen Effect

  • You can use other features of this effect such as editing, green screen sticker function, eyes and mouth functions. 
  • After editing your video, add music if you want to replace it.
  • Now your green screen video is ready for post.
  • If you want to duet with other creators, then click on the arrow icon at the left bottom corner of the video you want to duet.
  • You can only duet your video with the person who has allowed this option.
  • Before the duet select the layout and set the other default settings as well.
  • Before posting it, it is necessary to give the video a final touch by resizing the images in the video and setting its volume. It will help you in getting more recognition and lead you to gain more TikTok followers.

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