How to do Slow Mo on TikTok

How To Do Slow Mo On Tiktok?

How to do Slow Mo on TikTok in ,

Making videos on TikTok is great fun. You can enjoy all the effects and every moment according to your own choice. For the active users of TikTok, there are great fun and creative moods here. You can record the videos in slow motion and fast speed. Moreover, you can also adjust the speed of the recorded videos before posting them. This blog will help you to know how to do slow Mo on TikTok?

All we know is that TikTok is becoming one of the most popular entertaining platforms for the new generation. It amuses the user with a lot of fun through multiple creative moods. You can make videos of your pictures and record videos by adding different beauty filters. One of the most amazing features is the addition of slow Mo while recording the videos. Now you can adjust the speed of videos according to your own choice and get more fun. Through this feature, you can record every moment of your fun journey and make your video more interesting for your followers to get more engagement rate. Here is a complete guide on making videos on TikTok and adding a slow Mo effect to it.

Slow-mo videos have a huge impact to get fame and if you are looking to get fame and maximum TikTok followers then you must follow the trend.

How To Make Videos On TikTok?

  • For making a video on TikTok, first of all, open your account.
  • On the main screen, a + button is present. It allows the user to record the video of memorable moments.Click on Plus Button
  • After recording the video now add different effects including background music, transition, stickers, and all other necessary effects.
  • After this, now you can save the video and post it for your followers.

How To Do Slow-Mo On TikTok?

TikTok allows the user to adjust the speed of the video from 0.3 x to 0.5 x. It is not a tough task to add slow Mo in your video. For this;

  • Open your app and at the bottom different options will appear, click on the + option to open the recording option for video.
  • Along the side of the screen, many options will appear, including speed, beauty, filters, timer, and flash
  • For adjusting the speed of the click on the speed option, slow down the speed of the video, either 0.1 x or 0.5 x according to your own choice.Slow Mo 0.5
  • You can also adjust the speed of the video after recording it in the same way.
  • Now set the other scales, such as the timing of the video, and add different effects to beautify your video.
  • Now making the different setting, now save the videos and then upload it
  • You can also add various tags as you can tag other tiktokers or your friend also and titles to get more engagement

TikTok slow-mo videos are trending all the time because all tiktokers are using this to get fame. You can get TikTok likes by following the trend on TikTok.

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