Download TikTok on Pc and Mac

How to Download TikTok on Pc and Mac

Download TikTok on Pc and Mac in ,

Tiktok is listed amongst the top social media platforms used to engage followers and get famous. TikTok is available on mobile devices as well as on PC and Mac. However, many people don’t know this, so how can you download the TikTok app on Mac and PC? Let’s find out. 

Downloading TikTok Using Bluestacks

If you’re using a PC or Mac that doesn’t support the latest operating system, you can use the Bluestacks emulator to download this app. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to the browser and search for the Bluestacks emulator. Open the browser and search “bluestacks.” Then press enter button. Alternatively, you can use this link link
  1. Download the Bluestacks emulator to your device. blue stack download button
  1. Now install this app to your device after opening it from the downloads section on your device. Grant it permission for running. It can take a few minutes. Once it ends, complete the installation. Install button blue stack
  1. Then open the app by double-clicking the icon.
  2. Search for TikTok in the Bluestacks app. Use the search bar located at the screen’s right top corner. tiktok on play store
  1. Then install the application on your device. The app will be downloaded automatically. tiktok install button on play store
  1. Now just launch TikTok and enjoy. 

Download TikTok on Windows PC

Using the direct way, you can download Tiktok to your PC as well. Follow these steps below. 

  1. Open the Microsoft Store and search for TikTok in the search bar. 
  2. Once you find the tool icon, click on it. You will see the details of this app. 
  3. Once you find the app, click on it to install it on your device. Select the install option. This will start the app downloading to your device. When the downloading ends, the app will be installed automatically.
  4. Now just launch the app and log in with your account to enjoy TikTok on your PC device. 

How to Download TikTok to Your PC MAC

You can easily download TikTok on your MAC to enjoy using it to get more likes and fans. Here’s how you can download TikTok to your PC MAC. 

  1. Open the Store on your Mac device and go to the search bar. Here, search for “TikTok” and then press enter. You will be shown the results of the search.
  2. From here, you need to find the TikTok app icon. The icon has a music note icon. 
  3. When you have identified the TikTok icon, click on the install button. This will start the download to your device. 
  4. When the download is complete, the app will be installed automatically. 
  5. Now just launch this TikTok and log in with your account to enjoy using it. You can create short, engaging videos to get more Video Views. 


With the simple process covered above, you can easily download TikTok on your PC and Mac to enjoy the uninterrupted fun of using the app and getting a vast audience. While you can use the emulator to download the app to your device, the simple, direct downloading methods are also covered. Just download it and enjoy!

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