how download tiktok on pc

How to Download Tiktok on Pc?

how download tiktok on pc in ,

Tiktok is providing you with the ultimate doors to creativity. You can show your unique talent to the world through this application. Almost every one of us knows about the importance of this application.

Many people possess this application on their cell phones as it is just easy to install TikTok on the phones by merely going to google play.

But, there is a curtain-raiser as well that you can download and use TikTok on your PC as well. that must be additional knowledge and you would be wondering how we can do that.

Read along and I will describe the ways of using TikTok on the pc.

Lets first know about the requisites of using TikTok on pc

Requisites of Using TikTok on PC

Your computer must fulfill the following criteria if you want to use TikTok on it.

  • It should have Microsoft Windows 7 or above.
  • You must have a good processer like that of Intel.
  • RAM should be at least 4GB.
  • The disk space must be 5GB.

These are the important requirement your PC must fulfill to use TikTok.

There are multiple ways of using TikTok on the Pc.

Here, I will explain the two most important methods of using and installing TikTok on your Pc.

Adding the TikTok in the Chrome Extensionhow add tiktok in chrome extension.

You can add TikTok to your google chrome extension, so every time you want to use it you can go to the extension. It is done by the following steps.

  • Go to your google chrome tab. Here you will see an option of the “Google Apps”.
  • If you can’t see that option, right-click on the tab. Then click on the google tab button from the drop-down menu below.
  • Click on the google apps and you will be on a separate tab. Click the first option of “Google Web”.
  • In the extension bar, search for TikTok. Add it to the extension by clicking on the blue extension button.
  • Anytime you want to use TikTok, just click on its extension in the left upper corner, and start enjoying your TikTok.

Installing TikTok to your Desktophow we can download tiktok on desktop

If you want to have TikTok on the desktop as a shortcut application, use this method.

  • Go to the Google search engine, and install the “Bluestack” application.
  • Open this application and search for TikTok. Click on the download button, and install it.
  • You will see the shortcut created on your desktop.

These are the simplest ways of using TikTok on the Pc of any type but must have windows more than 7.

If you wonder whether you can use TikTok in the same way as on the phone or not. Yes, you can.

The TikTok on the desktop is exactly the same as on the laptop. You can like TikTok videos comment, and share as you do your phone.

The TikTok watched on the laptop is counted as the same  Tiktok video views as on the mobile phone.

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