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How To Fast Forward on TikTok?

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TikTok is the most exciting and viral app to make short videos in different genres, including funny, musical, entertaining, and informative. It provides a lot of opportunities to influencers, creators, and users. The TikTok algorithm sets different scales for the creators to get success and go viral on TikTok. If you want to get more likes and unlimited video views your content must be solid and impressive. You can also buy TikTok followers for more engagement and popularity.

Although TikTok is termed as the app for short videos and longer videos are not long for more than a few minutes. TikTok changes its features every time so that users can optimize their videos, and the audience may not lose interest while watching the video. But sometimes, when we troll the TikTok for interesting content, we just want to skip some part of the video or watch the end of the video instantly. Sometimes when we are watching interesting videos, we want to rewind our favorite part repeatedly. It becomes frustrating to forward the video or rewind it. Some users find it difficult to fast forward or rewind their TikTok videos. This blog is surely helpful for those as it will describe how to fast forward videos on TikTok.

How to Fast Forward on TikTok?Fast forward videos in tiktok

It is not rocket science to fast forward on TikTok to watch your favorite scenes instantly. Sometimes, on your page or when we scroll a video, we skip the unnecessary part or reach the end result. On the TikTok video, the forward feature is available that allows the user to jump on their favorite part. There are two main options to fast forward or rewind the video on Tiktok.

By Progress Bar on The Videomoving the progress bar in tiktok

 For this you will need to follow the following steps

  • Log into your TikTok account.
  • Open the video you want to see.
  • At the bottom line of the video, a while line along with a dot is present that shows the video is moving on the progress bar.
  • If you want to skip any part of the video or move it fastly.
  • Place your finger on the white dot and drag it over the bar to move it forward direction.
  • You can also rewind your video in the same way.

By Downloading The VideoFeatured Image For TikTok Video Download

  • This progress bar is not available for all videos, especially for short videos.
  • If you don’t see a progress bar on the video, that means the video is too short.
  • You can download the video via TikTok downloader.
  • Then you can rewind or fast forward that video easily according to your choice.
  • It is possible that TikTok features may change or become more advanced in the future, but these two options are the best ones to fast forward or rewind the TikTok video.


For the TikTok users, many advanced and unique features are available so that they may lose interest. If you want a fast forward on your video, you can easily do this by dragging the dot on the progress bar, and if it is not available, you can download the video into your gallery.

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