How to Get Rid of the TikTok Shadow Ban

How to Get Rid of the TikTok Shadow Ban?

How to Get Rid of the TikTok Shadow Ban in ,

TikTok is an app mostly understood by Gen Z and misunderstood by millennials. What makes this app so popular is the diversity of content it has to offer. From skateboarding videos to favorite homemade recipes, TikTok has everything. The algorithm is what makes TikTok stand out. It has been a musical sensation for teenagers. The video-sharing app was developed by the Chinese and it has been the epitome of social media platforms ever since.

The versatility is what made other platforms like YouTube, Instagram releases their version of TikTok.

On TikTok, you can be as creative as you want to be. It has a creative place for people of all genres that includes lip sync videos, stunts, explaining videos, memes, etc.

The best thing about TikTok is its trends that are followed by content creators and their audiences that are usually teenagers.

What is TikTok Shadow Ban

On TikTok, you gain followers, likes, shares, comments by getting video views but if TikTok shadow bans you, it makes it difficult to get views. A shadowban is if TikTok unofficially bans you. So, if you’re an influencer your video will not pop up on the For You page as it used to. Shadow bans are not easily found out unless some other user gets to the video and points it out.

Shadowban can decrease your video views, followers, likes, etc.

If you are shadowbanned, don’t worry it is not permanent, you can get rid of it and it will not affect your fan’s following or video views at all. Shadowbanning is used by many other social media platforms. Users recognize it when they notice a sudden decrease in followers.

TikTok has several laws of enforcement to keep their content creators under check including a permanent ban, shadow banning, restricting accounts, etc.

TikTok also filters content that depicts something that is inappropriate, can shock an audience, or is upsetting in some way.

Shadowban is most likely if you post some copyrighted music or nudity or violent imagery. You are shadowbanned only if you violate community guidelines. You can also be shadow-banned on discussing a sensitive topic that TikTok doesn’t want you to promote on their platform.

How to Get Rid of TikTok Shadow Banning

  • Uninstall and reinstall the TikTok app. This can help to fix any glitches and bugs.  So, the app could be fully functional again.

Switching to Pro Account Can Help Get Rid of TikTok Shadow Ban

to get rid of shadow banning do not post any content against TikTok policy

How to Avoid TikTik Shadow Ban

Don’t post any content that goes against community guidelines like sensitive or controversial topics or violent imagery and nudity that can let TikTok shadowban you. Also, don’t post anything that can be racial or harm a certain audience because that is also against their policy.

Some people follow a large number of people to increase their own followers. This is actually spamming and this can allow TikTok to shadow ban you. So, make sure not to spam to not get shadowbanned next time.

While using TikTok keep in mind these points. Hope, these tips help you not get shadowbanned on TikTok and/or get rid of it. If you’ve found this article helpful, share it with your TikTok freak friends and family members, who might need it.

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