How to Install TikTok on Mac

How to Install TikTok on Mac?

How to Install TikTok on Mac in ,

This generation has moved to digitalization so fast and is still doing wonders in it. No field doesn’t involve technology, health, science, military, and all others. This generation has derived sources of entertainment through digital media as well. Many social media platforms entertain today’s generation. One of the rising social media platforms is TikTok. It has gained a lot of users in a short period.

Is TikTok Multifunctional?

Yes, It acts as both a source of entertainment and a platform for the creators on it to showcase their talents. One of the main reasons for its increased use is TikTok becoming a source of income for young people. By creating appreciable and popular content that gets you a considerable amount of views, a creator on TikTok that has a good amount of followers can earn good money. Right now, it’s officially available on mobile phones only, but the technology freaks of this generation have derived a way to download the TikTok app on both PC and Mac.

How to Install TikTok on Mac?

As said earlier, there is no TikTok app for PC or Mac available yet. But, still through using any emulator one can get this on their PCs or Macs. It is possible but risky as well. One needs to be careful when installing TikTok on their Mac, as IOS is more complex than Microsoft windows. The preferred emulator for this purpose would be BlueStacks.

How to Install BlueStacks Emulator on Mac?

Following are the steps to install the BlueStacks emulator on your Mac,

BlueStack Download

  • Search the BlueStacks website and download it by pressing the download button

BlueStack Installer Step1

  • Open the folder installed and locate the installer .dmg file

BlueStack Installer step3

  • Double click on it. A window will pop up, find the BlueStacks icon

BlueStack Installer Step4

  • Click the install button, the installation will be started.

If your screen displays something saying “System Extension blocked message”, follow the following steps and the emulator will be installed,

BlueStack Installer step5

  • Click on Open Security Preferences

BlueStack Installer Step6

  • Click on the Allow button

The BlueStacks emulator will be installed on your Mac. Now, all you need to do is install the TikTok app using the emulator.

Installing TikTok on Mac Using Bluestack Emulator

Before doing that make sure no app is running on your Mac as it can cause any Mac to crash. Once sure, simply follow the following steps,

Install TikTok Step1

  • Sign in to your google account, or create one if you don’t have already

Install TikTok Step2

  • Open the Google Play Store while logged in to your google account

Install TikTok step3

  • Type TikTok in the search bar and click on the install button

The TikTok app would be installed on your Mac, but to access it you would have to open your emulator and open the TikTok app in the My Apps folder. The emulator helps you in using the mobile application of TikTok on your PC or Mac. Any emulator can be used but BlueStacks is considered in this article.

The TikTok downloaded on your Mac has all the functionalities that are in the mobile application. One can create a video, watch, or like one. It provides the same option to follow someone’s profile and many others.

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