How to add text to TikTok videos

How To Put Text On TikTok?

How to add text to TikTok videos in ,

TikTok has grown as a platform where people love sharing trendy and engaging video content.

Everyone is using this platform to post their favorite content to get more TikTok likes and followers.

In addition to other edits, you can now add interesting text to your videos as well. The best part is that you can even add effects and animations to your texts, so it becomes more engaging.

Let’s learn more about how to put text on TikTok.

Adding Text to Videos of TikTok

TikTok videos are popular for their fancy edits, interesting camera moves, and other amazing effects.

The addition of text is, by far, one of the easiest edits to gain more Video Views. Here’s how you can add text to your TikTok videos.

  • Open the TikTok app on your device and press the + icon.
  • Then you can record your video or upload it
  • Now open the editor section and tap the text button. how you can add text to your TikTok videos.
  • You can customize your texts. You can highlight it by tapping on the A button located at the left end of the screen side.
  • You can adjust the font through the options present on the left top side of the menu. The color of the text can also be changed from the colorful circles located at the screen bottom.ways to customize your text
  • Now, when your text is ready and all set, tap on the “Done” button located at the top-right end of the screen.
  • After you’ve clicked done, the only thing you can change is the placement of the text.
  • Now drag the text on the screen to where you want it.
  • As usual, now tap the “next” button, and add the description or any information you want. Finally, press the post button when done.

    Editing the Added Text on TikTok

    You need engaging texts on your videos to engage your fans. To edit any added text on the video, follow the steps below.

    • Go to the text button on TikTok and tap it. This will open a TikTok draft for more options.
    • From here tap on edit.How Editing the added text on TikTok
    • Now make your desired changes and then tap on “Done” when you are satisfied with your edits.

      Customizing the Text Duration

      You can also customize the duration of your text.

      Here is how you can do so:

      1. Tap on the “text” icon on the TikTok draft
      2. Next, select tap on “set duration”. This brings you to a screen where you will adjust the duration of the text when you want it to appear and disappear.
      3. By dragging the timing bar, you can adjust the start and end time to match up with the time you want.By dragging the timing bar, you can adjust the start and end time to match up with the time you want.
      4. Tap on the play button to see how your text will appear. You will find this button present above your editing bar.
      5. When you’re satisfied with your text duration, just tap on the “checkmark” button present on the bottom-right end of your screen.
      6. And that’s all. You’re done!
      7. Adding text to your TikTok videos can help in making your videos more attractive to the audience, and you can gain more followers, more likes on video so go ahead and give it a try.

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