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How to Remove TikTok Stickers?

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TikTok is an awesome platform for those who possess the talent and something worth showing to the people.

So, you can build the community and have your own fan and following list.

Adding TikTok stickers, filters, effects, and other such features enhance the quality of your videos, and that may increase the likes, comments, shares, video views, and altogether your community on TikTok.

The famous TikTokers use the techniques of adding stickers and other features that may enhance the quality of the videos.

Can I Delete the Stickers from my TikTok Videos?

Many a time people have a concern about whether they can change the draft videos only or the video that has been uploaded can be altered.

Yes, you can change the features that you have applied to your TikTok videos even if they are uploaded.

You can easily remove the stickers from the videos that have been uploaded. You can easily go through your videos and the changes can be done easily.

What are TikTok Stickers?tiktok-stickers view

Tiktok has launched the new feature of the TikTok sticker that is used to furnish your TikTok videos more.

The stickers can be added and deleted. They can be added at every moment, and frame the TikTok videos.

They add more emotions and effects to the video.

Removing the TikTok Stickers

Removing the stickers from the TikTok videos you have shot on your own is possible in the TikTok application.

  • Log in to your TikTok account, and open your videos section from the profile button.
  • The video you want to add must be drafted first. Add the video to the draft.
  • Go to the draft section and open your drafted video. Click open these videos, and tap on the back option present on the top left corner.

Drafts Section on TikTok

  • This will open the editing option in the interface of the main screen.
  • All the effects and the stickers added will be removed by the undo button. you have to press undo every time you want to remove a sticker.

Undo on TikTok

  • The stickers will be removed by the sequence it was applied. So, you have to continue pressing the undo button until you reach the one you want to remove.
  • The removal of the required stickers will be easy for you by clicking on the undo button continuously.

The process is good in the sense that it will regenerate your video. you can update your video content, and also add some other stickers, or filters as well.

Your video will be recovered completely. And you can make a new generative video by adding more effects or editing the different frames.

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