How To Remove TikTok Watermark

How To Remove TikTok Watermark?

How To Remove TikTok Watermark in ,

Tiktok is a free video-sharing app that allows users to record videos and post them on the app. Also, it has over 1 billion active users and has become one of the world’s most popular social media apps. It is most famous among teenagers because of its short video format and easy-to-use interface.

Content creators on TikTok have millions of fans and followers worldwide who like, share, and comment on their videos. In addition, the popular venue has created millions of stars who are making a living to support their family.

What is TikTok Watermark?

What is TikTok watermark

The TikTok watermark is it’s a logo that appears on the top left and bottom right corner of the video. It is usually in white, but it can also be in black. It is quite prominent and moves top to bottom on the video to make its removal complicated.

Why Does TikTok Watermark Appear on Videos?

Why Does TikTok Watermark Appear on Videos

TikTok puts its own logo on saved videos. This feature has been enabled to protect the content from stealing or reusing. This feature aims to encourage creators to focus on the original work while no one can reuse their work in other ways.

TikTok doesn’t allow you to re-upload the videos of other creators. Therefore, they have launched this feature on offline videos that people save on their smartphones. But sometimes, creators and fans want to remove the watermark to make the video clear but don’t know how to do this. So here I am sharing some easy ways to remove watermarks on TikTok videos.

How To Remove TikTok Watermarks?

How To Remove TikTok Watermarks

The fans of famous TikTokers want to save the best videos of their favorite stars. That is why it is annoying to see watermarks on their videos. So, there is a need to remove any text or logo from videos to make them look clear.

1. Crop the Logo

If you want to remove the TikTok watermark from videos after download, cropping the video will work for you.

  • For this, first of all, download the video and click on edit in your phone gallery.
  • Drag the crop tool to the upper or lowermost parts of the video because that watermark sign is available on these sections of the video.
  • After editing, save that new version of the video to use it without any logo in it.

2. Use Applications to Remove Watermark

To remove the TikTok watermark quickly, follow these steps:

  • On your browser, search for Apowersoft. You can use it online to do
  • Click on the video editing.
  • Then go to the watermark removal.
  • Upload your downloaded video
  • Place the watermark removal block to the place where the watermark appears.
  • Confirm it and after successful removal, download the video.

However, you can use this tool by downloading it to your device.


Watermark is an unnecessary thing that appears in TikTok videos. After saving videos on your phone, it stays visible, which can be annoying for users. However, you can use online tools or software or edit your phone to remove that mark and share TikTok videos on other platforms. Depending on your convenience, you can choose any of these steps to hide the TikTok watermark quickly.

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