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Tiktok, no doubt, is an excellent platform for the people who wish to demonstrate their talent and don’t have a proper stage to do that. You have your channel to work with. And if you get Tiktok likes and increase your Tiktok followers, you might get brand deals that might help you learn from the platform. The best part about Tiktok is its ease of access and how everyone can use it, as the interface is really simple and intuitive. But some people may come across some problems, for example, stitching videos.

What does stitching videos mean?Stitch a video in tiktok

When you Stitch a video on TikTok, you’re simply adding your own video after someone else’s that has already been uploaded. People frequently utilize this to remark on or reply to other videos. It may also assist add a lot of background to your films if done correctly. Before you go on to convey your point and deliver your punchline, a Stitch might assist your audience get in the appropriate mindset.

The only restriction with a Stitch is that you may only post 5 seconds from another video. So, if you’re working on a Stitch, you’ll need to figure out which 5 seconds are the most important to get your argument through.

Stitching videosStitch Tutorial On tiktok

Stitching videos on Tiktok is straightforward, so you don’t have to go for long tutorials and guides to do it. Through the following method, you can stitch videos on Tiktok:

  • Open the Tiktok application on your mobile phone. The procedure is the same for both IOS and Android devices
  • Go to the video which you want to stitch with. 
  • Once on the video page tap on the share button that is like an arrow on the bottom right side of the video
  • Select the Stitch symbol from the menu that displays, and then wait a few seconds for the video to process. This will take longer the longer the video is.
  • You’ll be sent to a page where you may snip out five seconds of the video to use in yours after it’s finished. To navigate through the video, use the slider at the bottom of the screen and the red bars to choose the portion you want. When you’re finished, tap Next.
  • You’ll be redirected to the usual recording screen on TikTok. Tap the checkmark after recording the rest of your TikTok video with all the tools you’re familiar with.
  •  Add any desired effects, text, stickers, voiceovers, or captions. Next should be tapped.
  • Add a title and tags to your TikTok video. You can also block the ability for other users to Stitch your movie by tapping the toggle switch next to Allow Stitch.

After you have followed all the above-mentioned steps, the last step is to jus tap on the post button. One thing that needs to be remembered is that the video with which you will be stitching will be just 5 seconds long, according to TikTok’s guidelines. The stitching is a neat feature if you wish to collaborate or feature someone in your video and is also very easy to do.

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