The Origins of “Bing Bong” TikTok

The Origins of “Bing Bong” TikTok

The Origins of “Bing Bong” TikTok in ,

There are thousands of different trends on the internet in different social networks and after some time they fade away. Similarly, the famous meme BingBong which has been viral like a storm on TikTok is still gaining popularity continuously due to unstoppable video shares. Bing Bong has also become a part of various jokes on the internet.

Originate From

It was first posted by TikToker yvng wxrld on 19 November and has been used in 1000,000 variety of videos. This meme has come from the sidetalk, the famous show anchored by Jack Byrne and Trent Simonian, which covers a wide area of New York from Time Square to Coney Island. In their show, a video was uploaded by them, in which Knick fans are celebrating their victory by shouting in which one yells with the phrase BingBong.

How Did it Spread on The Internet?Bing Bong spread on tiktok

This meme spread on the internet by different video posts. When it was circulating on the internet the New York knick posted a video of basketball players with the caption of Bing Bong. It got sixty thousand video views as a fan reaction.  The shooter Evan Fournier used this phrase in his tweet on 21 October in this way: “Great Team win tonight !! Bing Bong!” The Sidewalk repeatedly used this phrase in their number of episodes until it spread on Knick fans community, Walmart’s Twitter, used by Microsoft windows TikTok account. Twitter became stuffed with the number of videos having this meme.

Every Where There is Bing BongEvery Where There is Bing Bong

Apart from having billions of TikTok fans and followers on this video with this joke, this phrase has become popular among celebrities and TV shows. This trendy phrase is used by the cast of Jersey Shore and the Duolingo Owl and by the employees of Traders Joe. Jonas’ brother featured this phrase in the video shot in the white house with the title of Joe Byron in the COVID-19 Vaccination campaign to urge people to get vaccinated.

The bing bong is used in elections -for unexpected successful candidates- held for mayor in New York. This shows the versatility of this word as it has been used in a number of platforms in different ways. Lil Nas X, famous for memes creators, said this phrase taken from the original video in his style with different fellow entertainers.


This trendy joke across every platform now becomes used in different niches such as in fashion, sports, politics and entertainment. Although one day this meme will move away from the minds of people like other memes but still we can say that they are the best source of entertainment for us. The street shows such as Sidetalks, are the source of creating such jokes that become the origin of endless joy.

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