ultimate Tiktok video size guide

The Ultimate Tiktok Video Size Guide

ultimate Tiktok video size guide in ,

No one can deny the importance of TikTok as it is a fast-growing app that comes with ultimate features for the users. You can enjoy all types of videos here and also upload your own. TikTok is popular for short videos. But keep in mind while uploading the video its distribution matters a lot. Your video content and its distribution will help you to gain followers. Here we have come with a few guides about TikTok video size and specs. These will help you to make your video more impressive for your viewers.

The Ultimate Tiktok Video Size Guide

This blog will help you to decide about the size, dimension, and length of the video so that you may get thousands of likes and views.

TikTok Video SizeTiktok Vido Size

Most of people remain confused about what should be the size of the video. You will be amazed to know that there is great size variance for TikTok video depending upon the device. For Android users, it is possible to upload 72 MB of video into the cloud. If you are using iOS then you can upload a video of about 287.6 MB as well. While Apple iPhone users can go over 4x the amount.

There is a difference between Android and iOS max file size and it helps the creators to use different cutting tools for trimming the video to make it impressive. It is a reality that only impressive content is liked by people and shared to go viral.

Video Dimensiontiktok Video Dimension

Almost all the social media apps offer users to make vertical videos.  But on TikTok, you can make videos in both dimensions. Portrait mode is more acceptable for filming videos. But you can also make videos in landscape mode via black bars present at the end of the video. TikTok videos have the option to change the dimension of the video while watching it, which means you can record video in any mode. Video dimension, resolution, and canvas size should be 1080×1920. For a normal smartphone 9:16 screen ratio is best but you can also go for 1:1 but it is not a full-screen ratio. Keep the MP4 and MOV file format with code H.264. The margin of the video must be 150 pixels from the top and 64 pixels from the left and right.

Video LengthVideo length in tiktok

TikTok video length has changed many times and now you can make and upload longer videos and stories on TikTok as well. In the beginning, users can make a video of a few seconds that has increased to 60 seconds later.  Now the duration has increased up to 3 minutes, which means you have more room for uploading your tutorials, vlogs, skits, and duets. However, it is recommended to have a duration of 5-60 seconds for video. You can also go for 9-15 seconds to make it better. It is amazing to know that you can also resize your video. For this, you will need to download the video.


It is usually everyone’s desire to upload impressive and eye-catching videos and video size guidelines help a user a lot in deciding how their video should look like. Now you can adjust your videos on your own.

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