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What Does Adult Swim Mean TikTok?

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TikTok is one of the leading social media apps, with over thousands of users trying new trends and posting them. By making videos on TikTok trends, people get higher video views. The adult swim trend is also a popular one as you may have seen it several times on the For You page. Seeing this may have left you confused as to what adult swim is. This article will tell you all about this Tiktok trend and all the details that you need to know.  

What is Adult Swim?Adult Swim

Adult swim, or AS, is the American channel cartoon network’s overnight programming block. This was launched in 2001 and aired at night when the channel’s primary audience would be asleep. This is widely known for airing animated adult shows or live-action shows with dark themes, mockumentaries, and comedies. These shows include The Boondocks, Black dynamite, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, and Black Jesus.

The Tiktok trend consists of users recreating the adult swim bumps. These bumps are transition clips between ads and tv shows that the channel uses. These bumps were short videos that featured random scenarios with AS branding hidden in the video or popping up at the end.  The indie style of adult swims is used by TikTok users, making their own versions. 

What Does Adult Swim Mean Relate to TikTok?Adult swim tiktok

The AS or adult swim trend is a kind of way Tiktokers pay tribute to the adult swim bumps that were aired between its shows. The TikTok users are celebrating the nostalgia of adult swim bumps. They are also making these videos to get viral following the latest trends increasing their TikTok video views count.

The adult swim trend consists of TikTok users trying to recreate or parody the adult swim bumps. They incorporate the logo [AS] in the video clips in the most creative ways, thus showing their unique talents. Just like the adult swim bumps that hid its logo. 

For example, one video shows a person dropping different clothes options to wear for that day only to reveal the adult swim logo after they pick up all the clothes. Another example is a person attempting to clean their room. He turns on the light to clean in, revealing the adult swim logo [AS] shadow on the wall. In my opinion, the best video so far on Tiktok would be a man cleaning the popcorn from the cinema only to reveal the logo made out of popcorn in the end. 

Which Song is Used in the Adult Swim Trend?Running Away adult swim

The adult swim trend videos have a similar song in all videos, matching and enhancing its theme. TikTok producer Vano 3000 has produced this song. Vano started playing music out of his truck in Florida; however, he has created many beats for the TikTok app. The song’s name runs away and has nearly 2000 uses on the TikTok app. While its beat is sampled from BADDADNOTGOOD’s Time Moves Slow feat, Sam Herring.

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