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What Does Pushing Mean on TikTok

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The popular TikTok platform continues to gain popularity as more and more people aim to get famous by getting more TikTok likes. If you visit the TikTok comments section, you’ll have different emojis in your frequently used folder. You may be using them for various purposes. Yet, we are sure you wouldn’t have expected the parking 🅿️ emoji to enter the lexicon.

So what does it mean to push the 🅿️emoji on TikTok? Let’s find out.

Pushing P: What it Means on TikTokPushing p mean in tiktok

Pushing P is the rapper Gunna’s song from Atlanta that was released earlier in the month, collaborating with Future and Young Thug. After being released, the song went viral and has now spread across social media platforms, especially TikTok. While it continues to gain popularity, many people are still unaware of what it refers to. 

Pushing P is a regional phrase that has been used in different countries. In other areas like the US, this phrase doesn’t have any meaning. Gunna had explained the purpose of this phrase claiming that “P” stands for “Player.” 

While there isn’t any precise definition, “Pushing P” generally means keeping real, a favored quality. 

Pushing P is Going Viral on TikTokPushing P is Going Viral on TikTok

Gunna has clarified this phrase in his song, and it has gone extremely viral on TikTok, where people use this hashtag to get followers and gain popularity. The viral nature of the phrase means that the videos that have this hashtag have been viewed around million times. Gunna has started taking part in the fun himself, responding to the famous videos mentioning how accurately they have used the term.

Pushing P has appeared as the latest viral slang piece that has become popular because of its social media fame and usage. While many other phrases had gone popular on TikTok earlier as well. This seems to be different. Instead, the term “Pushing P” has quickly emerged from one country’s region to something that almost every person on social media has an idea of, at the least. 

Using P and Pushing PGunna Pushing P

Now you know what P is and how it is spelled, but how can it be used in a sentence. Nevertheless, P and pushing P can be used in different ways. The most commonly used one is the one paraphrased from the famous song sung by Gunna. In this, the term “pushing P” is a verb. It can instead be used as an adjective having the same meaning. 

The Verdict

TikTok is a popular social media platform used by thousands of people around the globe. People use TikTok for posting videos where they want the shares to go viral so they can gain more audience. Pushing P has taken TikTok by storm, with every user using this trend to become popular. Don’t be surprised if you see the phrase “pushing P” going viral on TikTok. Just join in this amazing trend!

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