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What does the chair emoji on TikTok mean?

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Emojis always have a certain kind of importance on all social media platforms. Whether you are chatting with someone or commenting on someone’s post, an emoji can hide the meaning of a full sentence. There is no rulebook about what a certain emoji or emoticon means. People use it often the way they like, to represent whichever meaning seems appropriate. 

Like many other social media platforms, TikTok has recently introduced a chatting feature. Now, you can not only create videos but also talk with people. Now, there has been a bit of chair emoji drama going on between TikTok users. 

BackgroundKsi TikToker

There’s a whole story behind the chair emoji being used everywhere on TikTok. It all started with a famous Tik Tok creator with millions of followers talking about an inside joke in one of his videos. The Tik Tok creator @blank.antho presented the idea of using chair emoji instead of the laughing emoji. The video caught on as he included another famous Tik Tok creator, @ksi, by saying, “you are in on the inside joke as well,” as he posted a video promoting the idea. This inside joke got a lot of shares, which became the reason for it going viral. People became quite crazy over the idea and about the thought of being included in an inside joke of their favorite creators. 

Replacement Laugh emoji with chair emoji

By replacing the laughing emoji with a chair emoji, each TikTok user appears to become a part of the community. That one can say is a chance for each user to increase their connection, gain followers and get thousands of likes. Recreating the concept or posting video content about the inside joke video on their profiles can help people increase their number of followers.

It’s all about the number of followers one has or the number of likes and shares his or her videos are getting. The not so funny joke about the chair emoji spread like wildfire just because it was proposed and supported by Tik Tok creators who have more than a million followers. Their fan following resulted in the inside joke reaching a large audience, gaining the interest of a large audience, and being shared by a large audience, which made the video reach even a bigger audience. Fame in Tik Tok is only achieved by getting any video viral or by gradually increasing the number of followers one has. 

 The trend of being known and liked has made many creators opt for getting or increasing their number of followers via third-party services. There are many websites and pages that provide specific packages regarding buying TikTok followers. Once you gain followers fair and square or by just buying followers, your profile goes much higher in the recommendation list as your profile’s interaction with the people using Tik Tok increases drastically. But, one must be careful as many scam websites or pages can promise you a million followers but hand you just bot profiles. 

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