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A Skinwalker is a mythical Native American beast. It is a dangerous witch that has the ability to transform into an animal or to possess real creatures and move around in their bodies. They claimed to imitate sounds and speech to attract your attention and lead you to your demise. Witches are viewed as bad persons who manipulate magic in Navajo culture. The mythology of the Skinwalker is seldom known, and Native Americans are frequently hesitant to discuss it. This is because the Skinwalker is such a scary figure for Native Americans that he poses a real threat.

Skinwalkers Are Being Caught on Camera by Tiktok UsersSkinWalkers caught on camera

In 2020, a craze started on TikTok in which individuals looked for and photographed Skinwalkers. The pattern has reappeared, and it’s just as terrible. A TikTok user’s video claiming to demonstrate Skinwalker’s appearance has racked up millions of likes. They displayed a strange monster with human legs and a coyote body in the video, claiming that this is the most prevalent Skinwalker form in front of people.

The Skinwalkers are still considered to be a big threat in Navajo culture. So, if the videos are real, it is natural that the community’s people have been terrified about the idea of them existing in real life.

Most of the trends that occur on Tiktok are generally for fun and are targeted around entertainment for the audience. But this Skinwalker trend has been terrifying, mainly because they have not only featured in a couple of videos, but many videos show them out in the open and what’s interesting is that those videos have millions of views. And most of the people in the comments seem to think that the videos are authentic as there isn’t any trace of editing on these videos.

Why Has This Trend Blown Up So Much?Viral Tags in TikTok

Though Skinwalkers are mythical creatures, they are considered legitimate in Navajo culture and exist in real life. Therefore, people got terrified about the idea of them existing and made videos about them to make aware of people. 

A Tiktok creator who claimed to have seen the Skinwalker stated that just listening to the creature’s sound, he could sense that the creature was calling upon him for something evil. Since this uproar, the Navajo community has been very scared. 


As to videos being authentic or edited, we can’t confirm for sure. But one thing for sure is that people are genuinely scared, and this matter needs to be sorted out. If the spottings are real, then the trend must go on to aware people, but if it’s fake, then people must be made aware, and this trend must be immediately banned so that people don’t panic anymore. 

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