Where are my Drafts on TikTok

Where are My Drafts on TikTok

Where are my Drafts on TikTok in ,

TikTok is a newly introduced platform for users who engage in socialization and those who love expressing themselves and their views over to people who will appreciate them. Those who seek to be followed by a rise in followers.

In TikTok, it is up to the users how, when and what to make out of their videos. It allows you to create a video and share it whenever you want. Whether you decide to share it urgently or choose to make a draft and save it for later use for your fans.

The draft feature introduced by TikTok makes video making easy by enabling you to save your video once you have initiated its making. It gives you time to carefully design and create your video as per your choice.

How to Make Drafts on TikTok

The process of making drafts is pretty simple. You can create a video outside of TikTok and save it as a draft, or open your application and create it within the app.

Tap on the “+” symbol, record your video, attach sounds, add filters, do all the essentials and then tap the red circle holding the checkmark within to move forward.

Press the “Next” button to proceed. You’ll observe “Drafts” in the bottom left corner of your screen, click this icon and save your video as a draft.

You may also add videos that you have made via your phone. All you need to do is, open your application, click the “+” button and then choose the upload icon given at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Select the video from your phone gallery, make the required filter/sound changes, and hit the post button.

How to Find Drafted Videos on TikTok

Locating drafts is as simple as it gets in TikTok. Once you’ve created your draft, they are safely saved on your TikTok app, and you can upload them on TikTok for your viewers or download them to your phone for your use.

Here are a few steps you should follow if you want to retrieve your drafted video.

  • Open up your TikTok application and select the profile icon (That says “Me”) given at the right bottom of the screen.

Me Icon On TikTok to Access Your Profile

  • Next, find the “Drafts” icon and tap it to open up your drafts. 

Drafts Button On TikTok App On Your Profile Screen

  • Before uploading the drafted videos, you’ve multiple settings such as who can watch the video, do you want comments on this video or not, etc.
  • Click the “Post” icon given within your TikTok application and share your video with your audience.

This draft option enables you to put your best in your drafted videos and helps you in increasing views on your videos. The more carefully you craft your videos, the more the number of likes you will get.

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